I can’t thank you all enough for all the amazing things I got with you there on Tumblr, but saddly Tumblr kinda dying if you heard what is happening, also many of my baguettes animations got flagged so … well it’s a bit sad for me.

I won’t delete my account or leave, will still post from time to time but if you really want to catch me and my futur works more often, there are all the links you can find me on!

Twitter   Youtube  Facebook

Thank you all, thoses years have been amazing and with Tumblr I could grow and be proud of my work and happy to help people smile with my work, giving courage to people wanting to go into the animation road.

Will never forget what I lived there. 

Merci tout le monde !

So I plan on sticking around and watching tumblr burn if it’s gonna do that, but if anybody is gonna jump ship please feel free to message me for outside contact info. I will almost certainly add you on Steam, twitter, dreamwidth, my ancient word press account i never actually posted on, and even if you’re on some site I’ve never heard of I’ve got a laptop and an rss feed, and I will physically recreate my dash with that if I have to.

Even if we’re not mutuals go ahead and message me. We probably should be mutuals but I am terrible at keeping up with notifications.



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tbh the most unbelievable part of the wire is that julian somehow obtained permission to take a runabout to cardassia to go harass the former head of the obsidian order to save the life of the station’s resident cardassian tailor/probable spy. 

julian: sir I need a runabout immediately

sisko: …………why

julian: I have to go to sneak into the house of literally the most dangerous person on cardassia to save the life of my lizard boyfriend

sisko: doctor it’s four in the morning

julian: … is that a yes…..?

sisko: buddy if it gets you out of my room u can have the damn enterprise

I thought it was generally assumed he stole the runabout?

it’s what garak would have wanted